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PPIAF - GRIDLINES - No. 20 May 2007 - Recent trends in risk mitigation instruments for infrastructure finance
PPIAF - GRIDLINES - No. 27 September 2007 - Designing and using public-private partnership unit in infrastructure
PPIAF - GRIDLINES - No. 31 May 2008 - Recent trends in private activity in infrastructure
Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic Study "Sharing results & Shaping Messages"
AICD Summaries of Background Papers
  1. Stuck in traffic: Urban transport in Africa [ FR ]
  2. Access, Affordability, and Alternatives: Modern Infrastructure Services in Africa [ FR ]
  3. Costing the Needs for Investment in ICT Infrastructure in Africa [ FR ]
  4. Watermarks: Indicators of Irrigation Sector Performance in Sub-Saharan Africa [ FR ]
  5. Powering Up: Costing Power Infrastructure Investment Needs in Southern and Eastern Africa [ FR ]
  6. Underpowered: The State of the Power Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa [ FR ]
  7. Improving Connectivity: Investing in Transport Infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa [ FR ]
  8. Beyond the Bottlenecks: Ports in Sub-Saharan Africa [ FR ]
  9. Irrigation Investment Needs in Sub-Saharan Africa [ FR ]
  10. Information and Communications Technology in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Sector Review [ FR ]
  11. Unit Costs of Infrastructure Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa [ FR ]
  12. Urban Water Supply in Sub-Saharan Africa [ FR ]
  13. Climbing the Ladder: The State of Sanitation in Sub-Saharan-Africa [ FR ]
  14. Roads in Sub-Saharan Africa [ FR ]
  15. Financing Public Infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa: Patterns, Issues, and Options [ FR ]
  16. Air Transport: Challenges to Growth
Communication from the Commission/ Interconnecting Africa - The EU-Africa Partnership on Infrastructure
WB - Africas Infrastructure: A time for transformation

ECOWAS - ECREEE at a glance

ICA Knowledge Centre (KC)

IRENA: Prospects for the African Power Sector

IMF Regional Economic Outlook SSA April 2014

IMF Regional Economic Outlook SSA October 2014

IMF Factsheet Debt Relief

PPIAF Annual Reports

ICA Annual Report 2012

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