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  • EU-Africa Reference Group on Infrastructure (RGI)

    The EU-Africa Reference Group on Infrastructure (RGI), previously known as the Partnership Steering Committee, ensures coordination, knowledge-sharing and coherence of the Joint EU-Africa Strategy (JAES) structures in developing and implementing sectoral responses in the areas of transport, energy, ICT and water.

  • Executive Committee

    The Trust Fund Executive Committee is the governing body of the Trust Fund.

  • Secretariat

    The purpose of the Secretariat is to ensure the effective and efficient operation of the Trust Fund, and its primary role and priority is to support the work of the Executive Committee, to which it reports and is accountable.

  • Trust Fund Manager

    The Manager of the Trust Fund is the European Investment Bank, which is responsible for its financial management, accounting and treasury operations.

  • Project Financiers Group

    The Project Financiers Group (PFG) brings together the nominated Project Financiers, i.e. a Development Finance Institution, Bank, Member State Agency or public body with international development project expertise, nominated by each Donor and agreed by the Executive Committee.