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List of Donors and their Representatives

The EU-AITF is sponsored by the following donors (in decreasing order of contribution amount):

  Donor Donor’s Representative
eu European Commission

Mr Antti Karhunen, European Commission – DG INTPA

uk The United Kingdom

Mr Harry Hagan, Department for International Development - DFID

fr France Ms Camille Fabre, Ministry Economy and Finance
es Spain

Mr Víctor Suanzes Fernández de Salamanca, Ministry of Economy and Enterprise

de Germany Dr Katja Pohlmann, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
it Italy Mr Jocopo Martino, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
fi Finland Mr Hannu Heinonenn, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland
at Austria Mr Manfred Buerstmayr, Austrian Development Agency
Hungarian flag Hungary Ms Rita Laczkovich, Ministry for Economic Development
lu Luxembourg Ms Ann Kemmer, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
nl The Netherlands Mr Roel Martens, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
gt Greece Ms Eftychia Bacopoulou, Permanent Representation of Greece to the EU
pt Portugal Ms Eunice Rocha, Ministry of Finance, Cooperation and International Affairs Department
be Belgium Mr Dirk Brems, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foregin Trade and Development Cooperation

Each donor has nominated one entity which plays the role of a Project Financier (see Project Financiers Group) and is entitled to access and implement EU-AITF Funds.