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TA for the Feasibility Study on the terrestrial Segment of the NEPAD ICT Broadband Infrastructure Network for West, Central and North Africa (UMOJANET)

Western Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 1,350,000
PFG Lead Financier

UMOJANET is the terrestrial segment of the NEPAD’s broadband infrastructure network for Africa, linking African countries to one another and landlocked African countries to the new undersea cables.

After the feasibility studies financed on the EU-AITF grant, the project itself is on hold depending on decisions to be made by the African Union, the NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency and the African Development Bank.

The Technical Assistance from the EU-AITF has been used by the NEPAD to finance a feasibility study assessing the technical and commercial feasibility as well as a network design and a business plan. The study was completed in December 2014 and provide comprehensive scenarios and business plans for the implementation of special purpose vehicles in charge of the seamless broadband infrastructures in Africa.

ln addition to the feasibility studies, the AU-AITF TA grant has supported a survey of the networks, the organization and participation of stakeholders in various activities to reach consensus on the draft regional network and on a conducive policy and regulatory framework.