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Togo Cizo pay-as-you-go solar electrification programme for rural poplulations

Western Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 9,990,000
Total project cost
EUR 61,840,000
Under disbursement
PFG Lead Financier

The CIZO project was launched by the Government of Togo in 2017 and aims to deploy 300,000 pay-as-you-go solar systems for households, electrify 1,000 health centres and provide 1,000 solar powered water pumps by 2022. The project’s vision is to electrify remote villages that are far from the national grid with smart, clean, off-grid solutions to achieve the SDG goal of electricity for all by 2030. Smart technologies will allow results-based financing and real-time monitoring of project progress.

The EU-AIF grant will contribute to strengthen the resilience of approximately 500 rural communities in Togo by improving energy access for households, community infrastructure and small-scale farms. It finances the electrification of 314 health centers and equipping 122 health centers with solar water heaters, the equipping of 400 drinking water supply systems with solar powered water pumps, 600 small farms with solar powered pumps, the electrification of approximately 2000 households by 10 smart solar mini-grids, and the implementation of a PayGo management platform for the integration of payments and data collection.


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