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Sustainable Access to Electricity in Southern Division - Access Component

Southern Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 10,400,000
Total project cost
EUR 87,400,000
Under disbursement
PFG Lead Financier
PFG co-Financier

The project comprises the rehabilitation and reinforcement (R&R) measures of selected power transmission and distribution infrastructure (new lines and substations) in the Southern Division of Zambia.

The basic principle is that in all areas reinforced by investment measures under the main project financed ky AFD and KfW, additional ITF-grant financed access components will be implemented, allowing additional population to immediately benefit from the project. The high access costs for electricity pose an entry barrier to the electricity consumption market. The access component consists of enabling works, connection subsidy and the supply of prepaid meters and ready boards for each new connection. Given the project set-up the ITF-grant funded activities can only start after the implementation of the investment measures of the main project have been (partially) completed.