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Satellite enhanced Telemedicine and e-Health for sub-Saharan Africa

African Continent
Grant Amount
EUR 4,000,000
PFG Lead Financier

The objective of the envisaged satellite-based infrastructure is to establish an effective solution for substantially improving medical assistance and the overall health system in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa. This infrastructure will provide a range of educational, clinical, surveillance and management services to Sub-Saharan citizens and health workers.

The first phase of the eHSA programme consisted of four in-depth horizontal studies that examined the governance, regulatory aspects, interoperability, and sustainability of eHealth services. These studies have addressed critical success factors – setting solid foundations for the development of sustainable eHealth and telemedicine services across SSA.

The programme was managed by ESA, with funding from the European Union – Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund and the Government of Luxembourg through the Luxembourg Agency for Development Cooperation. The studies were completed in December 2014 and have resulted in the analysis and ranking of SSA countries in terms of their readiness to deploy eHealth services.

Follow this link to find a detailed description of the project on the European Space Agency website.