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Restructuring of Cargo Handling Corporation Ltd (CHCL)

Grant Amount
EUR 1,200,000
Total project cost
EUR 42,100,000
PFG Lead Financier

Restructuring / recovery plan to make Port-Louis the hub port of the region. In connection with the project of extension of the container terminal capacity, the restructuring of CHCL has two main components: achieving an investment program in handling equipment (financed by the AFD loan), and a technical assistance to improve the productivity of operations and to strengthen the management (financed by the AITF grant).

The AITF EUR 1.2m grant aims to finance capacity building and training activities (EUR 700,000) and to assess the performance of CHCL in order to improve the productivity (EUR 500,000) with the further overall objective of contributing to the success of the Mauritian “hub” strategy for Port-Louis harbour.

The investment program is almost completed. Capacity building and training activities are ongoing while the tender to assess the performance of CHCL has been launched (bids analysis is ongoing).