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Investment Grant for the Extension of NIGELEC Networks

Western Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 11,000,000
Total project cost
EUR 30,000,000
PFG Lead Financier

The Project aims to (i) supply 14 additional areas on the outskirts of Niamey with electricity via 45,000 connections, (ii) connect three isolated grids to the main networks, enabling the shutdown of three small thermal plants and providing 18,000 connections in 18 villages (along the routes of the lines) and (iii) connect 30 rural municipalities and 70 villages to the main networks via 14,500 new connections.

All contracts necessary for the implementation of the project have been signed. Nigelec is under pressure to finalize the project on time. The connection of households are under way but not yet functionnal. Most localities targeted by the project requested more connections than initally planned. However, some additional connections might be possible within the project budget.


24.10.2019 Article ID4D - Santé, démographie, sécurité nationale  : Alhassane Halid, directeur de la Société nigérienne d’électricité (Nigelec), principal distributeur  au Niger, revient sur les défis de l’électrification dans son pays

28.10.2019 Journal du Niger - Niger : 13% de la population a accès à l’électricité

Video - Reportage sur le projet AFD et DUE d'extension des réseaux électriques et d'électrification rurale