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Mbale-Bulambuli 132kV Transmission Line

Eastern Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 500,000
PFG Lead Financier

The project concerns the construction of a 132kV transmission line in the Mt. Elgon Region (eastern part of the country) in order to evacuate power from the planned mini hydro plants and to serve the growing demand in the area. The approach of the project is both to build new infrastructure for electricity transmission and to extend the existing distribution infrastructure to connect new customers to the grid. For that purpose, the transmission line will provide the necessary backbone to extend the already existing medium- and low-voltage lines to connect communities and trading centres within the footprint of the transmission line.

The main objective of the TA is the preparation of a technical feasibility study and an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for the 132kV Transmission Line from Mbale to Bulambuli. Further, the study will assess the potential to electrify households in the project area by extending the existing distribution grid.