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Eastern Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 5,000,000
Total project cost
EUR 70,000,000
Under disbursement
PFG Lead Financier
PFG co-Financier

The project LVWATSAN – Kisumu concerns water and sanitation investments and capacity building in the town Kisumu (Kenya). It will expand the sewerage and waste water treatment capacity, as well as water production and distribution, to match the water demand and cover the majority of sanitation needs over the next 15 years. The project will build specific pro-poor facilities through delegated management models in informal settlements, develop water quality monitoring and contribute to regional efforts for water management under the umbrella of Lake Victoria Basin Commission. TA and design activities are on-going, works are expected to start in Q1 2020.

The EU-Africa ITF grant is being used for planning, design, implementation, operational sustainability as well as developing and disseminating approaches to water quality issues. Specifically, the activities financed by this TA are: master plans and design reviews, assistance for preparation and procurement of large technological infrastructures, development of replicable models of water supply and sanitation for informal areas, assistance to water utility and water quality monitoring. As of June 2019, 4 out of 5 consultants have been recruited. Design, TA and master planning activities are ongoing, while the first works are expected to start in Q1 2020.