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TA for the Lake Victoria regional transport phase II

Eastern Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 1,400,000
Total project cost
EUR 122.6m
PFG Lead Financier

The Project involves the development of the infrastructure for commercial maritime transportation, and will be composed of two phases. Phase 1 will focus on setting up a low-cost pilot freight service comprising limited investments in the ports and the launch of suitable vessels that are capable of handling mixed freight consisting of bulk cargo (possibly including liquid cargo), intermodal containers and vehicles. The focus of Phase 2 will be on expansion of the pilot stage activities by means of improving the port facilities. The aim of this Phase 2 is to accommodate larger and more complex freight operations including the provision of dredging services and ‘on shore’ infrastructure services.

The second EU-AITF technical assistance (TA) grant will help to fund the second phase of project preparation. Key studies currently underway and the legal and regulatory due diligence and regulatory action plan for the Project, and the environmental and social impact assessment for the Project.