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Climate Finance for Mauritius - SUNREF Project (TA)

Southern Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 3,250,000
Total project cost
EUR 97,000,000
Under disbursement
PFG Lead Financier

Credit line that aims at financing small and medium investments, with a view of reinforcing the market of mitigation finance initiated during SUNREF I and developed during SUNREF II and creating a demonstration effect/scaling up the market to address the adaptation to Climate change agenda of Mauritius. It also aims at promoting gender equity among projects financed.

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The EU-AITF TA will be used to support project developers, local service providers, and partner banks. While the investment support framework aims inter alia at removing financial barriers hindering the up-scaling of mitigation, adaptation and gender investments, the TA is designed to remove non-financial barriers identified in the INDC as well as those impeding the equality.


Link to video - SUNREF Promoting green investments in Indian Ocean