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ASECNA EGNOS Phase B (re-approval of the grant under a new lead financier)

Western Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 5,000,000
Under disbursement
PFG Lead Financier

EGNOS is the acronym of European Global Navigation Overlay System and represents the first European venture into satellite navigation. It has been designed to augment the performance of the currently existing global navigation satellite systems: the American GPS, the Russian GLONASS and the yet-to-come Galileo.

The Technical Assistance grant from the EU-AITF will be used to finance the realisation of phase B of the implementation of the EGNOS solution within the ASECNA area. The Phase B study aims at paving the way for the development and implementation phase (Phase C/D) and to provide views on the exploitation phase (Phase E).

Press release dated 08/02/2019 Thales Group - ASECNA launches study to supply satellite navigation services in Africa