More than 12 years of EU-AITF involvement coming to an end

Established in 2007 by the European Commission and European Union Member States, the EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund (EU-AITF) has since made a significant contribution to increase investment in infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa. It has done so by blending long term loans from participating financiers with grant resources from Donors, in four different sectors of activity (water, energy, transport, ICT).

In 2019, i.e. twelve years after the Fund’s operations started, Donors decided on the use of the EU-AITF’s remaining resources. This decision concludes the Fund’s commitment phase during which the EU-AITF approved more than 120 grant operations worth EUR 763 million.

As of now, the EU-AITF will not accept new grant applications anymore. During the post-Commitment phase the Fund will focus on seeing existing grant operations through until completion. Updated information on the status of each grant will still be provided on our Grant Operations page.

Young African

The successor to the EU-AITF is the Africa Investment Platform (AIP), managed by the European Commission.

Results 2007 – 2019:

  • 123 grant operations approved in sub-Saharan Africa, in four sectors of activity (energy, water, transport, ICT)

  • support of more than 90 different projects

  • EUR 763 million committed to grant operations, which have leveraged investments in projects worth EUR 11.4 billion

  • 30% of grant operations already completed, more than 50% of projects in their investment phase

With these operations, the EU-AITF will have contributed to developing sub-Saharan Africa’s economy and to improving people’s living conditions in many ways, such as:

  • 693 500 households to be provided with safe drinking water

  • Power to be generated for more than 4 000 0000 households

  • 10 262 jobs to be created for operations and maintenance

  • 11 930 km of internet cable installed