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Uganda Rural Electricity Access Project - Investment Grant

Eastern Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 10,740,000
Total project cost
EUR 112,845,000
Under disbursement
PFG Lead Financier

Construction of 1,147 km medium voltage, and 808 km low voltage distribution networks, last mile connection to 58,206 rural households, 5,320 rural business centres and 1,474 rural public institutions to the grid and procure additional 20,000 connection materials, ready-boards, and pre-paid energy meters to intensify last mile connections near the existing grid in already electrified rural areas that do not require grid extension. In addition, procure 79,077 connection materials, ready-boards and pre-paid energy meters to intensify the last-mile connections near to the existing grid in already electrified rural and urban areas.

The EU-AITF Investment Grant will finance the investment of last-mile connections for the project. As at December 2017, the project implementing agency has completed the:

(i) procurement of project engineering and supervision consultant;

(ii) procurement of consultant for preparation of feasibility studies for future rural electrification projects;

(iii) procurement of small quantity of connection material;

(iv) preparation of design and bidding documents for six Lots  for construction of distribution networks; and

(v) bid documents are issued and bids received and opened.