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Pre-investment study for the regional Transmission line Kibuye (Rwanda) - Goma (DRC) - Birembo (Rwanda)

Eastern Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 800,000
Total project cost
EUR 69m
PFG Lead Financier

The objective of the Rwanda – DRC transmission line is to contribute to a reliable and cost-effective power supply in particular in the load centres Goma and Kigali. Through a qualitatively and quantitatively improved energy supply, the economic and social development in Rwanda and the Eastern DRC will be promoted, in addition to strengthening regional integration. Beneficiaries of the project will predominantly be electricity consumers in Rwanda and Eastern Congo. The project is part of the larger NELSAP programme, which creates a regional power exchange market among the five NELSAP countries Burundi, DRC, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

The EU-AITF Technical Assistance was used for the funding of a study defining the formal and technical selection criteria for pre-qualification of bidders and the preparation of an End-of-line document for Engineering, Procurement and Construction contractors. The winning bidder, Fichtner Germany, started works in June 2010. The feasibility study and the detailed design and tender documents of the transmission line were finalized and approved by all stakeholders at the beginning of June 2012.