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Transboundary Water Supply Calueque (Angola) - Oshakati (Namibia)

Southern Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 2,400,000
Under disbursement
PFG Lead Financier

The Calueque-Oshakati canal of approximately 150 km supplies Northern Namibia with water from the Cunene River in Southern Angola for irrigation and drinking purposes. The canal has multiple problems in the form of severe losses, significant pollution and sedimentation and a high cost of maintenance and purification. The canal should therefore either undergo rehabilitation or be replaced by a water pipeline to ensure the important water supply.

The EU-AITF TA grant is being used to finance the project identification and preparation through a dual-phase prefeasibility study and full feasibility study to determine which of the options are to be pursued and how. As of June 2017, the Pre-feasibility study has been completed. The pre-feasibility study has provided preliminary information on water demand and the supply situation on-site, the best water transport solution and estimated the costs of the various scenarios. In the case of a positive assessment by the beneficiary, the full feasibility study will be tendered. The feasibility study will provide an analysis of the projected water demand and available resources (water master plan) and the corresponding distribution infrastructure required, a geological analysis, a detailed design of the technical solution selected, a benefit/cost analysis and a tariff recommendation, an environmental impact analysis, an assessment of the sanitary and waste water situation, a socio-economic analysis, and the preparation of the tender documents. The tender is expected for end of 2017.