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Mozambique Backbone Transmission System Project

Southern Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 700,000
Total project cost
EUR 1bn
PFG Lead Financier

The Backbone project consists of a double transmission line from the Tete Province in Centre Mozambique to the capital Maputo in Southern Mozambique and the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) interconnected power network. It will transport the electricity generated in new hydro power plants from Mphanda Nkuwa (1 500 MW) and Cahora Bassa (North Bank, 1 245 MW) to the markets. It will comprise a 400kV HVAC (High voltage alternative) line and a 800 kV HVDC (High voltage direct) line to supply the major consumption zones within Mozambique and link with the South African market. Discussions on the shareholding / financing structure of the projects are still on-going.

The proposed grant has been used by Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM) to finance a comprehensive Strategic Regional Environmental and Social Assessment (SRESA) in the framework of the Mozambique Backbone Transmission project (STE). The Final Report was delivered in June 2012, but the official presentation took place in 2014.