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Rehabilitation of Ruzizi I & II hydro power plants project

Central Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 3,000,000
Under disbursement
PFG Lead Financier
PFG co-Financier

The Project consists of the rehabilitation of the Ruzizi I and Ruzizi II hydro power plants, situated at the border river Ruzizi south of the Lake Kivu. The three member countries of the CEPGL - Burundi, Rwanda and the DRC - face severe shortages of energy and low electrification levels and have therefore made the development of the energy sector a strategic priority. By making use of common resources and benefiting from the economic advantages of a regional electricity market, the countries are working together on the preparation and construction of Ruzizi III HPP, the technical rehabilitation of the two existing HPP Ruzizi I and II as well as the planning of the cascade for the Ruzizi River as a whole. This includes the restructuring of the institutional set-up of the companies responsible for the operation of Ruzizi I and II.

The EU-AITF grant operation covers studies on the institutional set-up of the regional Hydro Power Plants (HPP) Ruzizi I and II, their technical rehabilitation needs as well as a technical assistance for the Great Lakes Energy Organization (EGL). The institutional study analyses necessary institutional reforms, recommends technical and commercial management options and will prepare the tender documents for the recruitment of a private operator. The technical study will identify the rehabilitation needs of the HPPs and include the preparation of tender documents. With the TA measure, adequate support shall be provided to EGL in their role as coordinator of the Ruzizi and other regional energy projects. The studies and TA measure are about to be finalized, however given continuous differences between the States and development partners on an adequate operation model, the institutional study was put on hold.