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Rehabilitation of Great East Road, Zambia

Southern Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 1,000,000 + EUR 500,000
Under disbursement
PFG Lead Financier

The project involves the reconfiguration, restructuring and rehabilitation of a 360km road with five bridges running through Zambia to the border with Malawi. The road is also part of the regional Nacala corridor, a regional transport corridor linking Malawi and Zambia to the deepwater port of Nacala in Mozambique. The project is co-financed between the EC, AfDB, EIB and AFD. The EU/AFD/EIB funded works commenced in September 2013 and are now expected to be finalised by August 2019.

The EU-AITF technical assistance grant was used to procure the services of the consortium LUXCONSULT S.A. (LU) / PDNA International (ZA) / LUXCONSULT (Mtius) Ltd (MU) led by LUXCONSULT S.A. This TA is assisting in the procurement and contract administration for the rehabilitation of sections of the Great East Road and is thus ensuring that the available expertise is passed on to the Road Development Agency of Zambia (RDA) in strengthening procedures related to major project planning, quality control and assistance in establishing sound business practices to maximize and sustain the project’s benefits. As at June 2018, the Team Leader for LuxConsult resigned due to health reasons and is in the process of being replaced.