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Rehabilitation of Great East Road, Zambia

Southern Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 1,000,000
Under disbursement
PFG Lead Financier

This Project involves the reconfiguration, restructuring and rehabilitation of a 360km road with five bridges running through Zambia to the border with Malawi. The road is also part of the regional Nacala corridor, a regional transport corridor linking Malawi and Zambia to the deepwater port of Nacala in Mozambique. The project is co-financed between the EC, AfDB, EIB and AFD. The EU/AFD/EIB funded works all commenced in September 2013 and are expected to be finalised by end September 2017.

The EU-AITF technical assistance grant was used to procure the services of the international consulting firm Tractebel Engineering, which produced a comprehensive and detailed study according to the terms of reference and including:

Extensive data collection of generation capacity and transmission networks as well as assessing the demand and supply balance; an economic study for the purpose of creating a preliminary generation and transmission development plan based on least cost economic criteria; network performance stability studies to check the development plan would lead to stable and reliable operating conditions; environmental analysis to identify key implementation issues and associated costs; financial analysis to determine the capacity of regional utilities to support the development of planned investments and setting up an economically optimum development programme, comprising a priority list of generation and transmission projects as well as outlining an implementation strategy.