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IG for the Regional Road Corridor "South Sudan Link"

Eastern Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 22,200,000
Total project cost
EUR 136m
Under disubursement
PFG Lead Financier

The project will comprise construction of the section Kitale - Morpus of the South Sudan Link Road in Kenya. This will be accompanied by measures to ensure project sustainability such as installation of axle load control facilities to prevent overloading and a long-term maintenance contract with the private sector. Apart from road rehabilitation the project will feature activities to promote road safety and economic development/social service delivery as well as measures to mitigate possible negative social and environmental impacts. A TA component will enhance the Kenya National Highways Authority’s (KeNHA) capacity to manage and monitor resettlement activities in its entire portfolio according to international standards.

The project section to be rehabilitated using EU-AITF funds is located in the South of the Kenyan part of the South Sudan Link Road from the junction North of Kitale to Morpus (68 km). It will finance the construction costs (especially overload control) and consultants (road safety audit, supervision of environmental and social mitigating measures as well as construction supervision).