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Regional Mombasa Port Road Access Project

Eastern Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 20,000,000
Total project cost
EUR 250,000,000
PFG Lead Financier
PFG co-Financier

The Northern Corridor is the backbone of the regional transport network between Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, the eastern parts of Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. The Northern Corridor connects these countries with Mombasa port as the major hub for exports and imports. Lack of capacity has caused the African Union to include major sections of the corridor in the Pan African priority projects (PIDA). The rehabilitation and extension of the Northern Corridor will speed up economic development and regional integration of the member countries of the East African Community. The road section from Mombasa town to Mariakani is the first part of this corridor and a major feeder to the Mombasa Port. Due to the significant increase of traffic, the 41 km will have to be extended from predominantly 2 lanes to 4 to 6 lanes and will have to be improved with intersections, pedestrian bridges and underpasses as well as mitigation activities for social and environmental purposes. The overall cost is estimated at EUR 250 million. The project will be financed by KfW, EIB and AfDB in addition to the EU-AITF. The Project executing agency is KeNHA. It is planned to tender road construction including a maintenance contract in order to improve the sustainability of the overall project.The Regional Mombasa Port Road Access Project will contribute to stronger economic growth and development of the countries along the Northern Corridor. With respect to the road section Mombasa – Mariakani, savings in time and savings in vehicle operating costs are pursued.The project was appraised by AfDB and KfW in October 2014 and by EIB in January 2015. The loan agreement of AfDB was signed in May 2015. Board approvals of KfW and EIB were received in May and July 2015, respectively. KfW's Loan and Financing Agreements are signed and awaiting effectiveness. A Pre-Qualification notice for consulting services (pre-contracting) was published in July 2015.

The EU-AITF Investment grant will be utilised to (i) finance several works including axle weight control facilities, social mitigation measures, consulting services and investments (sidewalks, foot bridges, street lighting and truck stop), climate proved drainage works and to (ii) strengthen KeNHA’s overload control strategy, thereby increasing the sustainability of the project.