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Namibia Biomass and Solar Power Feasibility Study

Southern Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 2,300,000
Total project cost
EUR 304,600,000
Under disbursement
PFG Lead Financier

The development of power stations in Namibia is imperative to meeting its development goals and meeting the ever increasing demand of electricity in a secure, cost effective and sustainable manner. NamPower and the Government of Namibia have conducted very detailed prefeasibility studies to investigate the opportunity to develop power stations utilising Namibian fuel sources. The two fuel sources which were identified as being available in abundance are biomass (from invader bush) and solar energy.

NamPower, on behalf of the Namibian government, is now progressing with the development of biomass and “Concentrated Solar Plant” (CSP) power stations by conducting feasibility studies to determine the optimal location, technology and funding structure to implement the power stations as part of its diversified generation and supply mix.

In order to contribute and assist in meeting the cost of these feasibility studies, a technical assistance of up to EUR 2.3m was allocated from the EU-Africa ITF SE4ALL envelope.