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Masaka-Mbarara 220 kV Transmission Line

Eastern Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 800,000
Total project cost
EUR 50,000,000
Fully disbursed
PFG Lead Financier

Energy needs of Uganda are huge and growing. The project consists in the construction of the 400 kV transmission line between the towns of Masaka and Mbarara in Uganda. The project will contribute to improve reliability and security of supply to the Western Region of Uganda and provide transmission capacity to cater for Grid interconnection between Uganda and Rwanda. In order to ensure project sustainability, the project participates in the improvement of operational and technical performance of the interconnected grids. The project is in the preparation stage and works are expected to start at the end of 2017. 

The EU-AITF grant has financed the feasibility study of the transmission line between Masaka and Mbarara and the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of this project. These consultancy services help UETCL, the Ugandan Electricity Transmission Company, preparing the project for the best implementation possible.