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Transmission Line Kafue-Livingstone - TA

Southern Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 350,000 + EUR 68,333
Total project cost
EUR 70,300,000
Under disbursement
PFG Lead Financier
PFG co-Financier

Zambia is a large, landlocked country facing daunting development challenges. Poor infrastructure, notably electricity shortages and a thin and deteriorating road network, is a fundamental impediment to releasing the country’s economic potential, making the economy more diversified and resilient and sharing the gains from growth more broadly.

The project is located in the south-west of Zambia and will consist of:

1) building of a new Livingstone 330 kV/220 kV substation;

2) the upgrade of the existing 341 km 220 kV line from the Kafue Town substation to the new Livingstone substation to into 330 kV voltage;

3) the upgrade of a 10 km 220 kV transmission line from Livingstone to Victoria Falls;

4) the reinforcement of existing Kafue Town and Muzuma substations;

5) increase of transformer capacity and establishing spare transformers for 330/220/132/88 kV voltages and

6) engineering support, environmental studies and mitigants for the project.

The capacity of the line will be increased from presently 120 MW to 360 MW. Completion of works is expected in late 2017. 

The EU-AITF Technical Assistance grant of EUR 418,333 is funding the Lenders’ Engineer (LE) to strengthen and accompany the implementation capacity of the promoter (ZESCO) for the Project. The LE has to interact closely with the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) for all matters related to physical implementation and financial follow-up (e.g. procurement, disbursement, monitoring, reporting). As the Itezhi Tezhi Hydro Project has the same promoter and similar characteristics, the same TA (i.e. the same LE) is also supporting the latter project.

The Service Contract has been signed during the second quarter of 2013. The Lender’s Engineer carried on his assignments until the 2nd of June 2016.