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Djermaya Solar

Central Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 6,350,000
Total project cost
EUR 60,300,000
PFG Lead Financier

Djermaya Solar will construct a 60MW solar PV plant in Djermaya, 30km north of Chad’s capital, N’Djamena. Development of the project will be phased to gradually integrate renewable power into Chad’s national grid. The first phase of approximately 30MW is intended to be fully financed in 2017 and operational in 2018. The project is under a 22 year PPA with SNE, Chad’s National Utility Company.

This pioneering project will play a leading role in delivering on the Government of Chad’s (GoC) National Development Goals:

  • to liberalise the energy sector;
  • mobilise private investment; and
  • promote the development of renewable energy in Chad.

As a consequence, a cross-sector task force has been established with representatives from the Ministries of Energy, Infrastructure and Finance, SNE (Chad’s utility), ADER – Tchad and the Djermaya project. The project is being jointly developed by Aldwych Africa Developments Ltd (on behalf of InfraCo Africa), Smart Enargy Africa (which has recently taken over CDEN) and JCM Power (on behalf of the JCM Clean Power Development Fund). The project has finalised technical studies and on stage of detailed review of environmental and social considerations,  contracts and permitting due diligence.

The European Union –through the EU-Africa Investment Trust Fund (EU – AITF)- has approved a contribution of 6.35 Million € to support the project, The EU-AITF contribution will be used to finance the build out of the transmission line, substation and other electrical works required for system integration and to connect the project to the grid.