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Béroubouay-Malanville Road Rehabilitation Project

Western Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 9,411,765
Total project cost
EUR 85,380,000
PFG Lead Financier

The project to rehabilitate the Beroubouay-Kandi-Malanville road section (169 km long) in Benin is part of the implementation of the WAEMU Regional Economic Programme and Programme of Community Action for Road Infrastructure and Transport (PACITR).

This section is part of Inter-State highway no. 2 (RNIE 2) of the classified road network in Benin and constitutes a part of the multi-national Cotonou-Dassa-Savè-Parakou-N’dali-Kandi-Malanville-Gaya-Dosso corridor of Community Road CU10 of the WAEMU community network. It allows a link to be maintained between Benin and hinterland countries, such as Niger, Burkina Faso and Mali. The Parakou-Beroubouay section upstream, stretching 152 km, was rehabilitated with funding from the EU and is in good condition. Technical and economic studies, and research into the environmental, social and road safety impact of this section in Benin are funded by WAEMU. The project's sectoral objective is to contribute towards efforts to enhance regional integration and the growth of intra-regional trade in the ECOWAS region. Its specific objectives are to improve the level of service on the road, the movement of goods and people and the living conditions of the population in the project's area of influence.

The overall objective of the Beroubouay-Kandi-Malanville road development and rehabilitation project is to contribute to improved connectivity between States throughout the continent through the creation of a high-quality road network that is accessible in all weathers, and to increased trade between Benin and Niger.

The expected outcomes are: (i) Rehabilitation of the Beroubouay-Kandi-Malanville road (169 km) in Benin; (ii) associated development measures (rural tracks, boreholes, etc.)

The cost of the project is estimated at EUR 85.38 million and will be jointly financed by the AfDB, the EU (AfIF and EU-ITF) and Benin.

The grant from the EU-AITF will be used to increase the project’s overall level of concessionality. The funding of this project, which is a continuation of the EU's action that funded studies of the Beroubouay-Parakou road and reconstruction works on the Parakou-Beroubouay road, will enable the consolidation of these EU funded interventions in the transport sector in Benin.