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ASECNA - Capacity Enhancement TA Program

Western Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 2,000,000
Total project cost
EUR 90,000,000
Under disbursement
PFG Lead Financier

The ACECNA project is part of a multinational air traffic control equipment modernisation programme, which includes modernisation of many air traffic management, communication, navigation and surveillance and meteorological systems that are currently in operation even though they are already fully depreciated and are in use only because of life extension programmes. Some of the equipment is outdated and obsolete, which reduces the reliability of the service ASECNA is providing and increases the cost of maintenance.

• of the grant:

The EU-AITF Technical Assistance grant will be used in the area of internal management. The TA will be split into two phases:

(i) a preparatory phase (Preparatory TA) - to validate the scope of the Capacity Enhancement TA program, and

(ii) the Capacity Enhancement TA. The latter will include the following three components:

  - security and quality management and strengthening of internal control (revamping and creation of new procedures and processes to be integrated within the Enterprise Resource Planning system), 

  - strengthening of financial management (financial assessment and modelling capacities), and 

  - project management (strengthening the capacities of the engineers in charge of planning, studies, procurement and projects follow-up).

The contract with the consultant of the TA was signed in October 2015. The consultant has begun to work and a kick-off meeting took place in October 2015. A first “Rapport de Démarrage” was finalised in December 2015.