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Access to Douala

Central Africa
Grant Amount
EUR 5,700,000
Fully disbursed
PFG Lead Financier

The project consists of the rehabilitation and widening of 20km of the RN3 road, between the port of Douala and Yaoundé, Cameroon. This road is overloaded under the growing heavy and lighter urban short-distance traffic, with adverse effects on the pedestrians and two-wheel safety and environment. This situation will deteriorate with the implementation of the CEMAC Regional Transport and Transit Facilitation Program. The AFD loan agreement with the Government for EUR 60m was signed on 10 February 2011. The contract for the execution of the upgrading works on the Douala Eastern Access was signed in September 2013. The request for services for works was signed in November 2013 leading to the start of works in February 2014.

The cost of the project has increased to EUR 67m and discussions are still on-going regarding possible additional financing to complete the intended scope of work. In August 2015, AFD signed a loan addendum with the Cameroun Government to extend the disbursement deadline for the loan to 31/12/2016. As at end December 2016, about 92 % of the total works were completed. The road was opened to public and remaining works consists only in installing equipment. The AFD office in Cameroun continues to carefully follow the expropriation process and another mission from Paris (AFD’s Project Managers) visited Douala in December 2016 to supervise the project.
The EU-AITF grant has been used as an interest rate subsidy for the AFD project Access to Douala. The interest rate subsidy is a EUR 5,700,000 (5,674,673) subsidy, which corresponds to a 1% interest rebate.